[An-lang] Coordinate structures in Indonesian

Whitney Anne Post whitneyannepost at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 15 03:04:57 UTC 2003

Dear AN-Lang friends,

I will happily take up Paz Naylor's challenge to "re-activate" the AN-Lang
list-serve by posing a question to the Malay-Indonesianists among you. How
would you judge coordinate sentences like (1) and (2) below, in which the
conjoined VPs are not of the same voice? (I have glossed the prefix meN- as
"ACT" for "Active Voice" and di- as "PASS" for "Passive Voice".)

Nando	mendorong Allen dan	dipeluk Susan.
Nando ACT-push Allen and	PASS-hug	Susan
‘Nando pushes Allen and is hugged by Susan’

Nando didorong Susan dan memukul Allen.
Nando PASS-push Susan and ACT-hit Allen
‘Nando is pushed by Susan and hits Allen’

If these sentences do indeed sound odd, I have the following more specific
- Are they absolutely ungrammatical, or could some pragmatic principle (say,
thematic parallelism between the two conjoined predicates) be at work here?
- Would replacing the linker "dan" with another more temporally loaded one
like "lalu" improve them?

Thank you in advance for your judgments. I will post a summary of responses
if I receive enough to warrant it.

Yours sincerely,
Whitney Anne Postman (and not "Post"as my hotmail address would have it)
NYU School of Medicine, USA

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