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Wed Aug 25 08:17:47 UTC 2004

The Music Department of the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies is
pleased to announce the release of a new book:

"The Theory and Practice of the Music in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
in Papua New Guinea", by Jennifer J. Jones. (xxviii + 258 pp.; ISBN

This is the eight volume in the series Apwitihire: Studies in Papua New
Guinea Musics, published by the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, and
the first volume in the new Pacific Adventist University Monograph Series.
It is a joint publication of both institutions. It was launched on 13 June
at Pacific Adventist University where the author presented copies to
representatives from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This book provides background information on the worldwide Adventist Church
and, in particular, the role that music plays in the church as a whole.
 From the beginnings of the mission in Papua New Guinea in 1908, a
panoramic outline of Adventist missions in the country and their church
music is presented. Noticeable are the attempts of the missionaries to
introduce a foreign culture against the backdrop of the country's
traditional musical heritage. This study examines the church music
practices and the attitudes of members and leaders towards aspects of
worship music, providing analytical material for the fruition of an
indigenously-conceived church music style.

This book considers the music of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua
New Guinea: the factors that led to such music, full coverage of all
Adventist hymnals produced by the Church for Papua New Guinea, the relation
between this music and traditional music, and attitudes towards Adventist
music and whether it should remain as it is or change in some way or
another. Consequently, the past, present, and possible future of music in
the Adventist Church are explored.

Copies of the book are available for purchase for PGK 30.00. Please contact
IPNGS on the addresses below for costs including postage, bank handling
fees, and in other currencies.

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