Snow in Austronesian languages

Piet Lincoln linc at HAWAII.RR.COM
Mon Aug 22 05:35:10 UTC 2005


A few years back, a Bannoni friend wrote from Minnesota /*Naniya, St. 
Paul, gharau rorosa keta butsu./*
'Here in St Paul snow is falling'  Later that year, I had to explain to 
his brother back in Bougainville what was meant by /*gharau/   *'rain' 
/*rorosa/ *'dry'

Hawaiian Dictionaries  have
 /*hau/  *for 'snow'  and 'cold', 'cool', 'frost' ...  from PPN *sau    
(Pukui & Elbert 1986:60)
/*hau*/  'snow' 'ice' 'frost' 'dew'     (Andrews 2003: 125)


Christopher Sundita wrote:

>Does the word "snow" exists as a "native" (i.e., as opposed to borrowing) in
>any Austronesian languages?  I imagine it must exist in some of the languages
>of Taiwan. 
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