Errata - Austronesian Numbers

Richard Parker richardparker01 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Apr 4 09:46:00 UTC 2008

I should have added a further credit:
  ...and Eugene Chan who collected numbers 1-10 for almost all
Austronesian and Papuan systems as shown at: 
  and really started me on this quixotic exercise
  and corrected:
  Manus, for instance, has almost the ‘true' PAn constructions, but
greatly abbreviated: (Andra-Hus sanguh -10, lunguh – 20).

But New Ireland (Barok – sangaun, dura sangaun – 2-10) and New Britain do not (Gimi – sungul, sungul kiep 10-2), and nor does most of mainland New Guinea.
  The New Ireland constructions appear to show the wave of Polynesian ‘boat in and leave’ habit, that took wives and numbers out to Furthest Oceania. (Or perhaps it was the other way round - see Per Hage' s various papers on kinship systems).
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