Lois Carrington 1928-2008

Paz B. Naylor pnaylor at UMICH.EDU
Sat Apr 5 17:29:23 UTC 2008

Dear Andy and Medina:

Thank you for sharing.

Please extend my heartfelt condolences to her family.

She will indeed be remembered with great respect for all her academic
achievements and accomplishments.
To this, I wish to add what might be viewed as 'achievement' of a personal
>>From 1978 to 2002, I enjoyed a 'long-distance' but warm friendship with
Lois, a time when she gave me support and encouragement in my work (jokingly
calling me the "Focus Lady") when I was just starting my rather brief career
as a linguist.

I shall miss her.
How I wish I could have seen her when I was in Canberra for 9-ICAL in 2002!
(Remember, Andy - you gave me info on her when I inquired about her.
Unfortunately she and I just managed to have a brief chat on the phone.)

All the best and God bless!

Warmest regards, Pat

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> Dear friends
> I write with the sad news that Lois Carrington, a well-known figure
> in Pacific and Australian linguistics, much respected for her
> contributions in bibliographical and publishing work, has died in
> Canberra. A short obituary is attached.
> Andrew Pawley




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