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PhD opportunities,  Australian National University and the University of 
(from Wayan Arka, Avery Andrews and Jane Simpson)

Applications are being sought from potential doctoral candidates 
interested in enrolling in a PhD at the Australian National University 
or the University of Sydney, within the framework of the project 
'Understanding Indonesian: developing a machine-usable grammar, 
dictionary and corpus'.

*Project background
*The objective of this project is to develop a good computationally 
tractable lexicon and grammar for modern Indonesian.  The rigorous 
analysis and testing required for this will result in empirically robust 
and linguistically well-grounded analyses of Indonesian.The grammar and 
lexicon are being build within the framework of the Parallel Grammar 
project (Pargram) (_, 
based on the Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) model of grammar.

Funding for this follow-up project was awarded by the Australian 
Research Council to a team including Wayan Arka and Avery Andrews 
(Australian National University) and Jane Simpson (University of 
Sydney), and runs from 2008 to 2010..

*Doctoral topics
*This project would suit students interested in computational 
linguistics, or in corpus building, or in the descriptive grammar of 
Indonesian, or in Lexical Functional Grammar.

Applicants should state which  of  the  above projects they would be 
interested in working on, and on which university they would prefer to 
be based at.

*Facilities and support
* Project applicants should apply for regular scholarship funding 
through the Australian National University and the University of Sydney. 
Some stipend support is available through the project. In addition, the 
project has support for participation in national and international 
project meetings.

*Applicants should possess a strong background in Linguistics or 
Computational Linguistics or Computer Science, to Honours Level (in the 
Australian system) or Master's Level (in the European and American 
systems).   Native speakers of varieties of Indonesian or Malay are 
particularly encouraged to apply.

*What to do
*Interested applicants should contact Wayan Arka  (Australian National 
University) <wayan.arka at> or Avery Andrews 
<avery.andrews at> or Jane Simpson (University of Sydney) Jane 
Simpson <jane.simpson AT>, and then apply for admission to 
the programmes as well as for scholarships.

*/Australian National University
/*Information on ANU scholarships is available at:

Australian and New Zealand students: To be considered for a regular 
scholarship, applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of 
Australia or New Zealand with a good honours degree in linguistics or 
equivalent. An application must be submitted for admission to the PhD 
program and an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) and ANU Scholarship 
at Australian National University. The form for this may be downloaded 
from _

Please contact Dr Wayan Arka and Dr Avery Andrews to discuss whether to 
in the Graduate Studies Field of Linguistics in the Research School of 
Pacific and Asian Studies or in the Faculty of Arts (Question 9 on the 
form). Note that, as described at 16 in the form, you will need to 
arrange for reports from three referees, on the forms that are provided 
with application form. Note that the deadline for both the application 
and the referees reports is Oct. 31, 2008, but you should contact Arka 
or Andrews well before that to discuss your application.

International students should check out the range of scholarships listed 
at _, 
as well as at 
 Applications for these are highly competitive.

*/University of Sydney

Semester 1 (March commencement) - 31 October of the previous year
Semester 2 (July commencement) - 30 April
Late or incomplete applications may be considered however, the 
University of Sydney cannot guarantee that late applications will be 
processed in time for the proposed start date. Quotas apply to some 
courses. Late applications for courses which are subject to quotas may 
not be considered.

*Scholarship Applicants
Applicants who wish to be considered for either an Endeavour 
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (EIPRS) or a University
of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) must submit their 
applications at the earlier dates specified below:

Semester 1 (March commencement)
*31 July of the previous year
(successful candidates will be notified in late October/early November)

*Semester 2 (July commencement)
*31 December of the previous year
(successful candidates will be notified in April)
Application closing dates
Information on applying for admission to a research program can be found at:

Information on scholarships for Australian citizens, Australian 
permanent residents and New Zealand citizens can be found at:
Closing date: 31st October 2009
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