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Richard Parker richardparker01 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Sep 19 08:29:27 UTC 2008

To John Wolff
I, for one, would like to thank you very much for making your Cebuano dictionary available, for free, on-line, appreciating how difficult it must be to forego all those millions of dollars in royalties.
I have Rodolfo Cabonce's English-Cebuano dictionary, but that is only one-way. I often come across Cebuano or Surigaonon words (especially for plants, fish, etc) that I'm sure derive from something else, and now maybe I've got a chance to find out what they really mean
best regards
Richard Parker
Siargao Island, Philippines
PS But I was a bit flummoxed when I found the first word I landed on was 
'ayudi -.n - intra-uterine device (IUD)' 
- not the sort of thing you discuss in polite Filipino society

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Dear Folks,
Perhaps the best kept secret is that the Cebuano dictionary that I 
compiled years ago is available on line and in searchable format. If 
you google "Cebuano dictionary" no reference  comes up to my work 
except one to an atrociously priced copy sold by Amazon.  Plenty of 
dictionaries do come up, and they all have risible little one-word 
definitions, if they have the word at all. In mine, a little excerpt 
from the page in which the queried form occurs comes up with a 
reference to the page number, which one can access with one click to 
read the definition in its entirety. Hard copies are available from 
SEAsia Programs Publications, Cornell University 14853
If you need accurate information about Cebuano, here is where to go:;iel=2;view=toc;idno=seap085a

If you know of any other list-servers where I could make this 
announcement, I would appreciate learning of them: juw1 at

John Wolff


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