Query about a Bunun example in Ogawa & Asai (1935)

Loren Billings sgnillib at GMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 6 10:16:31 UTC 2009

Dear colleagues,

I have a question about a Bunun example in Ogawa & Asai (1935:661). I
can't seem to reach M. Nojima. Any linguist who reads Japanese can
help, I think. There's an example on the second line of text on the
aforementioned page:

na iSi-damukwas  xanuvaN
na=iSi-eat=ku=as  xanuvaN
FUT=instrument/beneficiary.voice-eat=1sg.Actor=2sg.Undergoer  deer

The free translation (in Japanese) was romanized for me a while back
as <watasi-wa anata-ni tabe-wa selo-mono> which I think means 'I will
eat deer for you.' The free translation (in Japanese) is on the
previous page. Any help would be appreciated. (I also posted this
query on the Facebook 11-ICAL page.)


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