Query about a Bunun example in Ogawa & Asai (1935)

Daniel Long dlong at BCOMP.METRO-U.AC.JP
Sun Dec 6 11:26:30 UTC 2009

I don't have the original so I can't say anything for certain. 
The romanized Japanese is not accurate I am afraid.   If you could scan 
it and show it to me as an attachment I could take a look.   You said 
you have a question about it, but you don't mention what your question is. 
But as I said the following is not accurate (i.e. not Japanese)
<watasi-wa anata-ni tabe-wa selo-mono>
How about this?
Watashi wa anata ni tabe sase ru mono
which would mean
"the thing that I make/let you eat"
I could give the glosses for this, which is my best guess.
Danny Long, Japanese Linguistics

> Dear colleagues,
> I have a question about a Bunun example in Ogawa & Asai (1935:661). I
> can't seem to reach M. Nojima. Any linguist who reads Japanese can
> help, I think. There's an example on the second line of text on the
> aforementioned page:
> na iSi-damukwas  xanuvaN
> na=iSi-eat=ku=as  xanuvaN
> FUT=instrument/beneficiary.voice-eat=1sg.Actor=2sg.Undergoer  deer
> The free translation (in Japanese) was romanized for me a while back
> as <watasi-wa anata-ni tabe-wa selo-mono> which I think means 'I will
> eat deer for you.' The free translation (in Japanese) is on the
> previous page. Any help would be appreciated. (I also posted this
> query on the Facebook 11-ICAL page.)
> Sincerely,
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> Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
> National Chi Nan University
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