nanguy 'pig' in Akit

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I'm taking a look at a book on the (Malayic) Akit speech variety (Rupat
Island, Riau Coast, Sumatra, Indonesia).  Although it is a fairly
straightforward Malay variety, not too weird lexically, phonologically or
morphologically, one word really threw me: nanguy 'pig'.  PMP *nanguy 'swim'
comes immediately to mind (cf. also PMP *babuy 'pig').  Now Malayic
innovated all PMP -*uy diphthongs to i, e.g. babi 'pig', etc.  


I do not see any phonological innovations in Akit which could have produced
such a diphthong, but neither can I imagine a semantic path from a possibly
pre-Malayic, substratal nanguy 'swim' to 'pig'.  


All that comes to me is Flo in the 70's sitcom Mel, saying, "When pigs fly!"


Any ideas?



Karl Anderbeck

National University of Malaysia 


Reference: Umar, Said Mahmud, T. Nontel, Pang Cik, Burhan Yunus. 1991.
Struktur Bahasa Akit. Jakarta: Pusat Bahasa.  


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