COOL9 (9th International Conference on Oceanic Languages)

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9th International Conference On Oceanic Languages

Date: 4 Feb 2013 – 8 Feb 2013
Location: Newcastle, Australia 
Contact Person: Åshild Næss
Meeting Email: COOL9 at 
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): Austronesian languages; Papuan languages; Language
contact; Historical linguistics; Pidgins & creoles

Call Deadline: 13-Aug-2012

Meeting Description:

The 9th International Conference On Oceanic Languages (COOL9) will be
held on February 4-February 8, 2013 in Newcastle, Australia. The
conference will be hosted by the University of Newcastle’s Faculty of
Education and Arts, and the Endangered Languages Documentation, Theory
and Application Research Group.

The Oceanic branch of the Austronesian language family includes more
than 500 languages spoken throughout Island Melanesia, coastal Papua New
Guinea, Polynesia and Micronesia. The languages show a high degree of
linguistic diversity and are of considerable wider scientific
significance, and many are highly endangered. The COOL conference series
is dedicated to research on Oceanic languages and their multifaceted
linguistic, social, cultural and historical contexts. It embraces
research in all aspects of language within the Oceanic speaking world,
including language contact, as well as Papuan languages, pidgins and
creoles, and European languages in the Oceaniasphere.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Maria Polinsky (Harvard) 'Deriving ergativity in Oceanic
Dr Michael Dunn (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) ‘Patterns
and processes of language contact in Oceania’.

Themed sessions:

The conference includes two themed sessions linked to the plenary

Themed session 1: ‘Formal perspectives on Oceanic.’ This session
examines aspects of Oceanic languages that are significant from the
perspective of wider formal theories of language, including issues which
pose challenges for formal theories, as well as ways in which formal
theoretical approaches cast light on the nature of Oceanic languages.
Plenary speaker: Prof. Maria Polinsky (Harvard) 'Deriving ergativity in
Oceanic languages'.

Themed session 2: ‘Perspectives on language contact in the
Oceaniasphere.’ This session focuses on all aspects of language contact
in the Oceanic-speaking region, including Oceanic-Oceanic contact,
Oceanic-Papuan contact, interaction between language contact and genetic
affiliation in Oceanic, and contact between Oceanic and/or Papuan
languages with pidgins/creoles and metropolitan languages. Papers within
all approaches and on all topics ranging from grammatical to
sociolinguistic are welcome. Plenary speaker: Dr Michael Dunn (Max
Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) ‘Patterns and processes of
language contact in Oceania’.


In addition to the themed sessions, we warmly welcome abstracts on all
other topics relating to language in the Oceaniasphere, including, but
not limited to:

• Language description
• Language documentation and field linguistics
• Oceanic typology
• History and genealogical relationships of Oceanic languages
• Sociolinguistics in the Oceaniasphere
• Papuan languages of the Oceaniasphere
• Pidgins and creoles of the Oceaniasphere
• Language endangerment and linguistic ecology
• Lexicography in the Oceaniasphere
• Cross-disciplinary studies involving linguistics and ethnobotany,
ethnomusicology, etc
• Varieties of metropolitan languages in the Oceaniasphere


For more information email COOL9 at or visit our
conference website:

Abstract Submission:

Please submit abstracts of no more than one A4 page plus one additional
page for examples and references if desired. Abstracts should be
submitted as pdf, in Times New Roman (with DoulosSIL for examples if IPA
required), in 12 point, with 2.5cm maPlease do NOT include your name and affiliation in the abstract itself,
and all abstracts must be fully anonymized. However, in the body of your
e-mail please provide the title of your paper, and your name and

Abstracts should be submitted as an attachment e-mailed to
COOL9 at Emails should have the subject line “COOL

Participants may submit up to one single-authored paper and one
joint-authored paper. Paper presentations will be 20 minutes plus 10
minutes discussion time.

If you wish to have your paper included in one of the themed sessions
please indicate this in the body of your email.

Abstracts are due by end 13 August 2012. Acceptances will be notified by
10 September 2012.

Dr Bill Palmer
Deputy Head of School - Research
School of Humanities and Social Science
Convenor, Endangered Languages Documentation,
    Theory and Application Research Group
Linguistics Research Higher Degree/Honours coordinator
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308
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