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Belatedly I want to announce some publications that have been posted 
to the Sulawesi Language Alliance website.

Fire before matches
by David Mead
In this paper I describe seven methods for making fire employed in 
Indonesia prior to the introduction of friction matches and lighters. 
Additional sections address materials used for tinder, the hearth and 
its construction, some types of torches and lamps that predate the 
introduction of electricity, and myths about fire making.

Types of roots: A pictorial guide for lexicographers
by David Mead
This paper is a pictorial guide, along with brief discussions, of 
different kinds of roots, including underground roots, underground 
stems, and aerial roots. Separate sections are devoted to the 
pneumatophores of mangroves and the aerial roots of strangler figs.

Sun, moon, and stars
by David Mead and Daniel Vermonden
The purpose of this paper is to serve as a checklist and pictorial 
guide for several natural phenomena having to do with the sun, moon, 
and stars, including sunrises and sunsets (and the related compass 
points), phases of the moon (and the related tides), eclipses, and 
constellations (technically asterisms). Sunlight and moonlight can 
also be reflected, diffracted and refracted, resulting in various 
phenomena that include not only rainbows but also sun dogs, halos, and arcs.

[special shout out to Malcolm Mintz whose chapter "Stars and Seasons" 
was an inspiration to us :-) ]

House construction terminology
by David Mead
This paper is an introduction to house construction terminology. 
Specifically it describes the parts of a simple stilt house such as 
may be found throughout Indonesia, built with a traditional king-post 
roof truss.

A brief dictionary of Bobongko (Central Sulawesi)
by David Mead
Bobongko is a small language spoken in the Togian Archipelago of 
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Data for this draft triglot dictionary 
were collected over ten days spent in the Bobongko homeland in 
January 2001 and September 2017. It comprises just over 1100 main 
entries, along with English and Indonesian reverse indices.

Studies on Balantak
by Albertus Christiaan Kruyt, translated by Ewald den Blaauwen
This article is a wide-ranging ethnographic treatise concerning the 
Balantak people of the eastern peninsula of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The 
first part of the article covers various topics including origin 
story and flood story; native governance and tribute paid to Banggai; 
settlement patterns and traditional house construction; crime and 
punishment, including trial by ordeal; dreams, divination, and 
auguring; bark cloth manufacture; iron working; and hunting. The 
second part concentrates on the spirit world of the Balantak, the 
types of spirits, and offerings made to the spirits.

Black magic in the Banggai Archipelago and in Balantak
by Albertus Christiaan Kruyt, translated by Ewald den Blaauwen
This article describes black magic in the Banggai and Balantak 
regions of eastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, as practiced in the early 
twentieth century. In particular it describes the use of doti (poison 
magically and invisibly delivered that causes sickness and death), 
how people ascertained its presence, and the means they employed to 
counteract it. It was usual for corpses to be questioned about the 
cause of death. Suspected sorcerers were fined and sometimes murdered.

Life and death in Balantak (eastern arm of Celebes)
by Albertus Christiaan Kruyt, translated by Ewald den Blaauwen
In this article, originally published in 1933, the author describes 
customs and practices formerly surrounding marriage, pregnancy, 
birth, and death among the Balantak people of eastern Sulawesi, 
Indonesia, prior to the introduction of Islam and Christianity. A 
separate section describes musical instruments and dances.

Rice growing in Balantak (eastern arm of Celebes)
by Albertus Christiaan Kruyt, translated by Ewald den Blaauwen
 From laying out a field to harvest festival, this article describes 
the customs, practices, and animistic beliefs that formerly 
surrounded the planting and harvesting of rice in the Balantak area 
of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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