Chinook Workshop Update

Jim Holton jim at ADISOFT-INC.COM
Mon Mar 1 18:44:31 UTC 1999

The purpose of this e-mail is to confirm that the second annual Chinook
Workshop will be held at Grand Ronde, Oregon on August 13 to 15, 1999.
Starting next week, please check:

for information on how to register.  Registration fees will be about US$
30.00.  This fee will cover workshop materials and at least one meal/banquet.
This year  you'll be on your own for some of your meals and accommodations.
However, there will be camping in the area and some of the folks from Grand
Ronde have already volunteered to host workshop attendees.  There are also
hotels and motels in the area, so I think that we'll have something for
everybody's budget.  We'll be filling you in on the details as we work things

This years workshop will be held at the same time as the Grand Ronde Tribal
Pow-wow so there'll be plently to do when you're not attending the workshop
(which if I remember correctly was almost all the time last year).

Looking forward to seeing everybody there.

LaXayEM, Jim

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