thomason & Kaufman 1988

David Lewis coyotez at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Thu Mar 4 10:09:52 UTC 1999

In  Thomason and Kaufman (1988), they write about CJ and the two basic
theories as to its origin.

1) CJ arose in early 19th century after whites settled in numbers in the
region and as a result of contact with indians.

2) CJ arose before white settlement as a result of contact between Indians
of various sorts.
Hymes (1980) agrees.

The Authors tended to agree most with #2 because:

1}of the vast amount of Indian trade which obviously existed before white

2}Indians were(are) sophisticated multilinguals.

3} The existance of trade centers such as the Dalles in the same sort of
environment as where other pidgins have occured.

4}In contact situations, the likelihood of a simplified language is great.

5}used for social distance, like in Master-slave relationships.

6}CJ's structure does not reflect any participation by whites in its
development. Only in the lexicon.
7}the phonemes (vowel and noun) are ordinary of American Indian languages,
and extraordinary for Indo-European languages.

They go on to say that white contacts clearly brought in loan words from
other jargons and languages but the CJ had crystallized by the time of
White contact.

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