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Fri Mar 5 03:40:50 UTC 1999


and to Bob:  Aaniin tansi bozho (sorry if I'm not saying that well).

Your conversation with Mike here makes me happy.  Good to see the subject
of to what extent, and in what way, the voyageurs who contributed French
nouns to Chinook Wawa "were Metis".

Was there (at least one) Metis French patois being commonly spoken in the
19th century, as well as or instead of Michif?

I often see quotes in old sources of voyageurs speaking to each other in
French, and singing in French -- But is that just the stuff that their
non-Metis fellow travelers could understand?  Was there also Cree or
other related languages mixed in?

Regarding Petit Jean, it would be good to know the origin of a surname
"Littlejohn" which is fairly common in the Northwest USA.

Regarding Chinook Jargon "lasanjel", is it correct to assume that this
comes from "la ceinture"?

Regarding characteristic voyageur clothing, what an excellent subject to
look into as a defining parameter on terms coming from "French" into
Chinook Jargon.  In plainer words :-), what did those guys wear, and what
were the words for those items?

And so on...


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