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Fri Mar 5 10:04:01 UTC 1999

In transcribing Hancock tonight (I'm about halfway through for those of you
waiting) I came across Hancock's French attribution of lasanjel as la
cingle, which I now recall was also in Gibbs or Shaw.  Still doesn't seem
right - that 'ngle' in French just doesn't resemble the 'njel' of the
Jargon word.  I'll have to check my French dictionaries for the origin.

As for Hancock, I'm simplifying the UPA into basic romanization, and
necessarily leaving out the accents and simplifying the special characters.
 I'll try and get a UPA version up and running for professional viewing
within a couple of weeks; maybe I'll try that multilanguage OCR program
Henry mentioned; hand-coding would be hell!  There's a lot of words in the
list that will surprise all of you to the extent they supposedly represent
_another_ Jargon vocabulary, in addition to all the words we've been used
to since.  He says he used Jacobs as a base, including prononciation, but
then goes on to say that he combined in Jargon-used words from throughout
the region as well as all the major sources.  I'll let you decide as to the
authenticity of the words as "real Jargon", which is why I'm getting the
simple romanization out first (as it's easier).  He gives many words he
accredits of Chinookan origin but which I have not seen before, and some
must have been very "local" in their range, as they don't appear in any of
the other lexicons to my knowledge.  You'll see what I mean....

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