T at waduxq anecdote about C^idukw

Sally Thomason sally at THOMASON.ORG
Sat Mar 6 14:50:35 UTC 1999

  Twana is a Salishan language, and so not related to Chinookan
languages (as far as we can tell).  There is some scholarly
literature on Twana; I don't have all the references at hand,
but there was a dissertation some years ago on Twana phonology,
for instance.

  There *could* have been pre-European contact between Lower
Chinook speakers and Nootka speakers, but the attested Nootka
Jargon isn't likely to be at the foundation of Chinook Jargon,
because it has to have been contributed to CJ by whites: the
phonology of all the Nootka words in CJ is greatly distorted
in the direction of French and/or English phonology, with
elimination of all the typical Northwest Coast sounds that are
in the Nootka source words but conspicuously absent from French
and English.  It's still conceivable that the/a Nootka jargon
did contribute to the development of CJ, but if so it would have
to be quite different from the actual Nootka words in CJ, because
CJ itself shows all the "exotic" Northwest Coast sounds that are
present in Lower Chinook itself.

  -- Sally Thomason

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