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At 09:31 AM 3/6/99 -0500, Sally Thomason wrote:
>A brief comment about lasanjel: the "traditional" etyomology --
>French la ceinture `sash, girdle, belt' -- is supported pretty
>directly by at least one CJ source: Winthrop 1863 has this
>entry: "Sonture (ceinture) `sash' (p. 302).  The other
>attestations I've got in my files are Shaw 1909 (La-sanjel, listed
>as not strictly CJ, or only local); Demers et al. (Lashanshel `belt');
>and Stuart 1865 (la chan'-jel  `belt').  All of these look quite
>good for French-to-CJ phonology, since French r is often replaced
>by l in CJ words, as is English r (in words like dlai `dry').

The r-l thing I can deal with, even the t-j shift; but the vowel of the
second syllable doesn't seem like that easy a shift; it's a long ways from
'-ure' to '-el'.  This may be kind of like the origin of seeahpo, which is
usually ascribed to French but turns out to have had Nuu-chah-nulth

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