Lillooet eymology

Nadja Adolf nadolf at NAVITEL.COM
Wed Mar 10 18:09:39 UTC 1999

> the trail" or "wild onions".
> Well, in the main form(s) of the Jargon, "wild onions" are "ululach",
> which
> can sort of be contorted/simplified into "lillooet", unless it's a local
> St'at'imcets word or a local take on the Jargon word.  As for "end of the
> trail", I can kind of see the "wayhut", "ooahut" on the end there -
> especially allowing for deformations of the Jargon - but I'm not sure what
> the "lill-" part of it would be.  There's one possibility that occurred to
> me - some kind of wagoneer's/teamster's call for "lolo wayhut" - "haul the
> road", perhaps implying "load up" or even "turn".  Such a phrase might
> have
> been a common call on the busy "Golden Mile" of Lillooet's wagon-train
> staging grounds.....a reference to the "end of the trail" leading up the
> canyon and over Pavilion Mountain into the Cariboo.
	[Nadja Adolf]
	How about illaheeooahut?

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