Henry Kammler henry.kammler at STADT-FRANKFURT.DE
Thu Mar 11 08:38:59 UTC 1999

> Is there any relevant etymological connection between "klokwally" or
> "klookwalli" for the wolf dance, and klickwillie (sp? - maybe I've not got
> the word quite right) for "brass things, rings, ornaments"?
> Mike Cleven

Probably not. The "Wolf Dance" is the the month-long winter ceremonial of the
Kwakiutl (dlhugwala), Nootkans (tlukwaana / tlukwaala), Makah and Quileute
(tlukwaali). It probably originated among the Kwakiutl and was central to the
yearly ceremonial round. Rings do occur, as head ornaments and shoulderrings
made from cedar bark, but this is not a feature exclusive to this ceremonial.
It would have taken quite a bit of semantic extension to turn this word's
meaning into "brass rings".
Where was this "klickwillie" used?


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