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I'm no expert on these things, but the following excerpt from an
incredibly extensive source may be of interest:

>From the current catalog of Rings 'n' Things, Spokane, Washington
(telephone toll-free 1-800-366-2156), page 144:

Dutch "Dogon" Beads

"Dogon" or "Hudson's Bay" Beads

These are old trade beads.  Most have some chips, pits, or scratches.
They all have approximately 4mm holes.

#22-435  Dutch Blue and White Beads
24" strand of rounded and oval beads.  Mixed colors:  Mostly periwinkle
and medium blue, with some semi-translucent sapphire and cobalt, milky
blue, and opalescent clear/white.  All are worn, some are chipped.  Also,
a 40" semi-graduated strand of 9x11 - 40x20mm beads, all various shades of
white and clear.					$67.50

22" strand of very mixed, roughly graduated beads from 11x8mm to 22x19mm.
Clear, white, various blues, translucent yellow, and a light green and
black.  Some are VERY chipped.				$40.00

#22-437  Dutch Blue & White Beads
24" strand of 12x8mm to 19x24mm beads, a variety of colors, some chipped

23" strand of 25 21x15mm - 25x19mm white beads.  The 5 center beads are
quite brown over the white.  Perhaps they were buried for a while?

2:24" strands of rounded beads from 15x18mm to 18x20mm.  Most are royal
blue, some are towards turquoise.			$90.00

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