Tlingit gaming songs in CJ

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'The songs had only a few words, long drawn out and repeated, and were
usually in Chinook Jargon, sometimes in another language.  In June 1892
when a number of Canadian sealing schooners were seized in Bering Sea and
brought into Sitka, the crews of Vancouver Islanders and the Sitka Tlingit
inaugurated a season of gambling that lasted for several weeks, playing
daylong from morning to evening, although they did not speak each other's
language and could communicate only in a few words of English or Chinook.
But they played the same game without difficulty.

'The Sitkans sang in Chinook Jargon:

	We have a good heart,
	You cannot catch us,
	We will not cheat you.'

-- From Emmons, George Thornton.  "The Tlingit Indians."  Edited ... by
Frederica de Laguna.  Seattle:  University of Washington, 1991.
(Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, #70.)
Page 420.

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