"Lillooet Stories"

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Fri Mar 12 03:11:26 UTC 1999

Edited and revised by Randy Bouchard and Dorothy I.D. Kennedy.  _Sound
Heritage_, volume VI, number 1 (Victoria:  Aural History, Provincial
Archives of British Columbia).  1977.

This volume includes superb tellings of traditional Upper and Lower
Lillooet (Salishan) stories.  Quite a bit of interest to the Chinook
Jargon student is contained as well.  It would be good to hear a retelling
of some of these stories in Chinook Jargon; for example, Baptiste
Ritchie's account of the Flood of 10,000 years ago.  This is a story held
in common with many Northwest cultures, such as the Spokane, and that's
why I think it would make a wonderful subject to talk about in ChInUk

It's a true story, by the way.  Baptiste tells it with exact personal
names of people involved ("one of my ancestors, whose name was
In-CHEE-nim-kan") and caps it off with a simple, powerful note ("I,
Baptiste Ritchie from Mount Currie, now have the name In-CHEE-nim-kan").

You'll enjoy this book.  A cassette was issued with the same stories on
it, I understand.


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