Oregon City meeting re: Chinook Jargon 3/27

John Schilke schilkej at OHSU.EDU
Wed Mar 24 02:50:26 UTC 1999

>To all persons seriously interested in the Chinook Jargon who live in or
>near the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area:
>A handful of folks who are so interested are making preparations to hold
>meetings during which we can become better acquainted and to practise and
>(presumably) learn more of the Chinook Jargon.  Anyone wishing to do so
>may attend, and we *heartily* invite you to do so!
> There will be a meeting of this type on March 27th, Saturday,
> lecture at 1 p.m. by Tony Johnson of Grande Ronde, and a general
> meeting of all who wish to stay and discuss (and speak) CJ from 3-5 p.m.

>Our meetings are at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center,
>easily visible from and accessed from Exit 10 of I-205, Oregon City.  The
>Center has graciously provided us the use of the Willamette Trades and
>Craft Workshop, easily accessible from the General Store (watch for guide
>signs) at the Center.
>The Center is recognized easily by the 3 large covered wagons on
>Washington Street as you enter Oregon City from I-205.  There is adequate
>parking and there will be seating available.
>I'd appreciate a private e-mail from anyone planning to come, just to
>have a rough count of attendance.
>We hope to stir up some local interest in the Jargon this way, and the
>Center is enthusiastic about our plan.  Let's show them that we do indeed
>have a strong basis for our interest so that we can continue.  The site
>is ideal, especially from the point of view of history and of accessibility.
>John F. Schilke, MD
>(one of the organizers:  we'll probably pick a name for the group at the
>first meeting)

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