Fort Clatsop found!? Maybe.

Jeffrey Kopp jeffkopp at TELEPORT.COM
Fri Mar 26 06:32:30 UTC 1999

Here's the Oregonian's story on the discovery:

The U of O news release is at

Historical map (72K)



P.S.  The Oregon City Jargon meeting is this Saturday at the Oregon
Trail Center.

P.P.S.  Only in Oregon!  Try the Smelt Nugget Meal at 
Baker's Burgers in Hillsboro. $3.99.

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 16:46:26 -0800, you wrote:

>Klahowyam, sikhs,
>Na mesika nanich okoke tzum kopa chi-iktas-pepah?  --
>Have you all seen this in the newspaper? --
>Klaska wawa, ikt man yaka nanich (pe iskum) Fort Clatsop illahee-
>tzum-pepah, kopa Boston Illahee Pepah-house.
>They say a fella has found a map of Fort Clatsop, in the US National
>Kloshe sun,
>Good day,
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