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At 09:12 AM 3/27/99 -0800, C. Thrush wrote:
>Check out Bruce Macdonald's _Vancouver: A Visual History_.  It includes
>maps with Native place names, including for what has become Lion's Gate.
>Isn't the Capilano Reserve under the north end of the Lion's Gate Bridge?

Yes it is, or rather one of the reserves of the Capilano Band of the
Squamish Nation is there; the Squamish name for that locality is
Xwmelchtsen, although the reserve per se stretches from the Park Royal
Shopping Mall (half-built on Squamish reserve lands) nearly to Lonsdale
Quay, and includes the "Squamish Mission" village community around the foot
of Mosquito Creek - as well as the vast bulk load terminals and other
industrial facilities on the Squamish reserve foreshore.......the site
under/next to the Lions Gate Bridge is being talked about for a major
megahotel/resort complex; the municipalities are bitching, but in reality
the Squamish can pretty well do whatever they want.  Talk about a prime

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