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>The website of one of Canada's national treasures, the Hudson's Bay Company 
>Archives (HBCA).
>The HBCA offers a wealth of information on the human and natural history of 
>western and northern Canada and the western USA. Whether you are an
>genealogist, ethnologist, environmental scientist or land claims researcher, 
>the HBCA may be able to help.
>Founded in 1670, the Hudson's Bay Company's (HBC) chief interests for its
>two centuries were the fur trade, exploration and settlement. After 1870,
>its territory of Rupert's Land was incorporated into the Dominion of Canada, 
>its interests became more varied. Today, as Canada's largest non-food
>it is best known for its national chain of department stores.
>The HBC's head office is in Toronto, Ontario. Its archives are owned by the 
>Government of Manitoba and administered as a division of the Provincial 
>Archives of Manitoba in Winnipeg.
>Whether you visit the archives in person, read documents on microfilm
>inter-library loan, in Canada's National Archives or Britain's Public Record 
>Office, or write, phone, fax or e-mail us with your questions, the staff
of the 
>HBCA is eager to assist.
>We hope this website will be a helpful introduction to the HBCA and what
it can 
>offer you.
>Hudson's Bay Company Archives
>Provincial Archives of Manitoba
>200 Vaughan Street Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3C 1T5   Canada
>Fax number:
>(204) 945-4949
>(204) 948-3236
>hbca at chc.gov.mb.ca
>hbca at chc.gov.mb.ca
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