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Subject: Kanaka influence

Alexander Chamberlain in Hodge _Hdbk Amer. Indians_ I.539:

"Toward the middle of the 19th century (Hale, Oregon Trade Language, 19,
1890) the Hawaiian language was spoken by about 100 Sandwich Islanders
employed as laborers about Ft Vancouver, Wash...In 1891 there lived
among the Kutenai an Indian nicknamed Kanaka. Murdoch (9th Rep. B.A.E.,
55, 1892) notes that several Hawaiian words have crept into the jargon
as used by the western Eskimo and white whalers and traders who come
into contact with them, and one or two of these words have even come to
be employed by the Pt Barrow Eskimo among themselves; but there is no
evidence that the Chinook jargon contains a Hawaiian element."

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