Wawa Class Offered in Corvallis, OR (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 06:07:37 PST
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{Dave: is there a way you can set the system so that when someone hits
"reply to all" the original sender of the message is on the reply to: field;
currently with moderation (this has been the way with SALISHAN-L) the "reply
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>Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:41:56 -0800
>From: bouchdon at juno.com
>Subject: Wawa Class Offered in Corvallis, OR
>lahowya tillukums,
>Tenas alki, naika sihks Cory Cook, potlatch Chinook Wawa kumtux. Okoke
>class mitlite kopa Oregon State University Experimental College, kimtah
>April pe elip May. Cory mamook Edward Harper Thomas book. Okoke class
>kopa tillikums klaksta halo kumtux Chinook Wawa. Naika wawa hiyu kumtux
>delate kunsih niaka kumtux.
>Klonas mesaika tikki potlatch kumtux iktas kopa Cory? Cory halo potlatch
>Chinook class elip. Naika elahan yaka potlatch kumtux.
>Soon, me friend Cory Cook, give Chinook Jargon knowledge. This class be
>at Oregon State University Experimental College, end April and begin May.
>Cory use Edward Harper Thomas book. This class for people who not know
>Chinook Jargon. Me speak more knowledge truely when me know.
>Maybe you like give knowledge things for Cory? Cory not give Chinook
>class before. Me help him give knowledge.

Some people might find Don's use of pidgin-English translation here
offensive; I think it serves a useful purpose in giving an appreciation of
how Jargon "syntax" works; don't try and translate English; try and think in
Jargon and let the English necessities sort themselves out....might be
useful as an intermediary between the Jargon and "good English"..

PS what happened to Don's buddy who went off to Death Valley?
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