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Subject: a mention of Chinook in a recent book

This is from By Snowshoe, Buckboard and Steamer: Women of the Frontier by
Kathryn Bridge, published by Sono Nis Press in 1998, and is part of the
portrait of Florence Agassiz whose family came from Canada West in the early
1860s and farmed first at Yale, Hope and later on in what is now Agassiz:

"The Indians liked to look through the windows at night into our lighted
rooms, at first frightening us very much, but we soon got used to them and
became very friendly and learned very quickly to speak the Chinook jargon so
that we could converse with them at ease."

Florence Agassiz published, in her later years, an account of her early
life, entiitled Memories of Pioneer Life in British Columbia, privately
printed for her family in 1941 and later reprinted for the B.C. Centennial
by the Kent Centennial Committee in 1958.

Theresa Kishkan

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