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I have scanned through "George Gibbs' Journal of Redick McKee's Expedition
Through Northwestern California in 1851"  edited by Robert F. Heizer, 1972.
There are a number of pages which have CJ related information:

p. 1: In Oregon he became deputy customs collector at Astoria and later
became attached to the Indian Commission in Oregon. In Oregon  Gibbs
learned the Chinook Jargon.

p.28: Unlike the Oregon and some of the California tongues, however,
this  (Eel river language) contains the R, in which respect it is like
those of the Klamath.

p.29: I noticed that several words from the "Jargon" or trade language of
Oregon were in use, undoubtedly obtained from Hudson's Bay trappers. Such
as the word "ma-witch," a deer, by them applied to all kinds of meat, as
well as to the animal, though they have a corresponding name of their own.
The word "papoose," too, has wandered from its Atlantic home, to become a
familiar one on the lips of this race, long after those have passed away to
whom it was vernacular. The name given to this people by their neighbors is
Wee-yot, and Eal river is known by the same.

p.43-44: (Upper Klamath River people) Both sexes pierce the nose, and wear
some kind of ornament in it; the favorite one being the shell known as the
"haiqua," among the fur traders. This, under the name of the "ali-qua
chick," or Indian money, is more valued among them than any other article.

p. 59: (at Big Bottom on the upper Klamath river) We found here a young
Indian, who spoke a few words of the Oregon Jargon, and through him were
enabled to communicate a little with the rest. By this means I collected
enough of the language to ascertain its similarity to the Shaste, and also
a partial vocabulary of his own tongue, which I presume to be one of the
Rogue's river languages. (This vocabulary is probably in the SWORP archives)

p.77: (near Happy Camp on the Klamath river) The purchase of the wife is
consummated by the payment of a certain quantity of "aliqua chick."

This is all of the CJ which appears in this version of the journal. I would
like to see the original to be assured that nothing was left out. There are
also many comparisons made throughout this journal between the Columbia
culture area and the places the McKee expedition is visiting along the way.

David Lewis

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