Demers/Blanchet as early CJ linguists

David Robertson drobert at TINCAN.TINCAN.ORG
Fri Mar 12 03:21:07 UTC 1999


Lili alta wik na munk c'Em ChInuk!  It's been a while now since I wrote

Pus ma tIki chaku-kEmtEks manak'i hayu khapa ukuk pasayuks lipret tIlIXEm
lhas munk c'Em ChInuk anqEti... If you'd like to learn more about those
French clerical people who wrote about ChInuk a long time ago...

Nixwa na wawa may pus ma hay-kEmtEks tunu's.  Let me ask you to listen a

Uk lipret Le Jeune khapa' khapa Kamlups, that father Le Jeune up in

wEXt yaka munk c'Em <r> pus tunus-tIntIn /x/ pi /X/ khapa ChInuk... he
too wrote <r> for the /x/ and /X/ sounds of ChInuk.

Khakwa / For example:

<ratrat> = /XatXat/ = "duck" (kElEkElE)

Pi khapa / And in:

<kro> = /q'u7/ = "arrive",

ukuk tunus c'Em <r> munk-shawash uk <k>, khakwa "lEku /k/"...that letter
<r> makes the <k> into an 'Indian' sound, like a "glottalized /k/"!

BEt / but,

Wek-saya kwanIsEm uk lipret Le Jeune ya munk c'Em <r> pus dret /r/:
Father Le Jeune usually writes <r> for an actual /r/ sound:

<laport> = /laport/ = "door"
<ridi> = /redi/ = "ready"
<solshirs> = ... = "soldiers"

Ma kEmtEks?

Alta na lhatEwa!

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