Chinook Jargon word for Donkey?

Jeffrey Kopp jeffreykopp at ATT.NET
Mon Feb 7 07:14:07 UTC 2005

At 09:33 PM 02/06/05, David Robertson wrote:
>Yes.  I might say 'donkey' in Jargon.  I don't know the difference betweeen
>a mule & a donkey anyhow, so I might say the old CJ word 'lemel'.  Or
>even 'kiyutan' because I might not recognize a non-horsey equine in person.

I might see "a non-horsey equine" personally, but if I ever meet one "in
person" I'd be sure I wandered into the wrooong neighborhood. (And I'd
really try to avoid recognizing them.)

You may be too young to remember the Smothers Brothers' routine about
"What! Burros have no sex?"

If we keep this up we might attain the golden opportunity to bring up the
word burdash on the list yet again.


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