Williams, "Logger-Talk"

Dave Robertson ddr11 at UVIC.CA
Sun Jun 22 01:55:49 UTC 2008

Williams, Guy.  1930.  Logger-talk: Some notes on the jargon of the Pacific
Northwest woods.  Seattle: University of Washington Book Store.  (University
of Washington Chapbooks, number 41.)

A few selected entries:

"Brown brother: A Filipino or Kanaka."  [interestingly seems to assume NW
readers will understand "Kanaka"]

"Siwash: A canoe Indian."

"Chinook: Aside from the famous warm winds, the trade jargon of the old
Pacific Northwest..."

"Chuck: A body of water, as in salt chuck for Puget Sound, Pilchuck for red
river; also means food."  [!!]

"Cultus: Bad; from the Chinook jargon."

"Keelapi: Tipped over; from the Chinook jargon."  [implies an interesting
pronunciation; could it have been influenced by English slang "keel over"?]

"Klatawa: Go; from the Chinook jargon."

"Klootchman: Woman, squaw; from the Chinook jargon."

"Kok-shut: All broken up; from the Chinook jargon."

"Mesahche: Obscene or evil; from the Chinook jargon."

"Siwash: Used as an adjective; a slack and un-enterprizing [sic] outfit is a
Siwash outfit."

--Dave R

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