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Dear all, 

The Study Abroad Research group would like to invite you to the second
lecture in their Spring/Summer series of talks. This month (Thursday, 25th
March) Xiaoru Yu (Radboud University, Netherlands) will discuss L2 listening
development in study abroad (SA) and at home (AH) contexts from both
language knowledge and processing perspectives. The title of the talk is
"Study Abroad and L2 Listening Development". The event is free and will
start at 1p.m. (British time). This is the link to register:
opment-tickets-145724296293. Please, find enclosed all details.

The SAR (Study Abroad) events are organised by Anne Marie Devlin (University
College Cork, Ireland) and Annarita Magliacane (University of Liverpool,
UK). There will be a talk every month. The events will be via Zoom and
everyone with the link can attend.

Kind regards,

I-LanD Research Centre

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