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Dear Rick and IEists:

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Rick asked:

> What is the AA root for jm-3?
> Or what are its cognates in other AA languages?

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Rick, I do not have Orel and Stobova so I cannot say if the root is
mentioned there.

In Ehret's sadly unsatisfactory work, it is not mentioned.

The -3, I consider to be a factitive suffix, used rather frequently in
Egyptian, so the AA root would be that from which jm- derived.

The underlying root might be simply *?ama so that the underlying meaning
might be simply 'to treat as a mother would=to mother'. In another post on
this subject, a tentative relationship with Arabic ?-m-r was proposed. I
believe the likelier IE cognate of ?-m-r is *me:-ro (from *H{2}emer-), with
a basal meaning of 'put a value on, rank'.

However, it is interesting to note Sumerian ZUR, which also has the reading
amar, one of the meanings of which is 'take care of, care for'.


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