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Damien Erwan Perrotin <114064.1241 at> wrote:

>Tapiru is a Sumerian word whose precise meaning is "craftman working
>copper by hammering it". It is very likely to be a loanword since
>Sumerian does not have pollysyllabic roots and tapiru can not be
>analyzed as a compound. It is very similar to an IE root with a very
>similar meaning *dhebhros (craftman) found in Latin faber and Armenian
>darbin (smith).

Of course.  I only realized the connection must be *dhebhros
after sending the message.

>Another hypothesis was to
>suppose this word was borrowed along with the copper-working thechnics.
>This technic was brought in Mesopotamia by the Halaf culture, whose
>center was in Northern Iraq, but originated  (the thechnic) in Eastern
>Anatolia, around Catal Hu"yu"k and Arslantepe.

Or the Balkans.  The Sumerian for "copper" is of course <urudu>
(another word that's too long to be native Sumerian).  PIE

>Anatolia has been seriously proponed as the homeland of the
>Indo-European tongues (Renfrew, Gamkrelidze) or of their ancestors

Their ancestors.  I didn't know Sherrat agreed with me :-)

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