IE technological vocabulary.

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Sat Dec 18 07:41:51 UTC 1999

Besides the words for "wheel", previously dealt with, we have:

Yoke (for paired draught):  PIE *iugom: from which Latin 'iugum',  Hittit
'yukan', Sanskrit 'yugam'...

In fact, transparent reflexes of 'yoke' fail to appear only in Albanian and

Plow (agricultural implement):  PIE *har: from which Latin 'aro', Lithuanian
'ariu', OCS 'orjo', Tocharian A 'are', etc.;  and in Hittite, a derivative,
'hars' -- 'till the earth'.

Axle:  PIE *aks: from which Latin 'axis', Old English 'eax', Lithuanian
'asis', OCS 'osi', Mycenaean 'aksonos', Sanskrit    'aksa', etc.

wagon/vehicle:  PIE *wogho, from wich Old English 'waegn', etc., and through
*ueghitlom, Latin 'vehiculum' and Sanskrit 'vahitram'; from *uoghos, OCS
'vozu', Mycenaean 'wokas', etc.

And a whole great slew of other stuff relating to wheeled vehicles, plows,
metal, weaving, milking and milk products, etc.

Any _one_ item might be wrong, but it's vanishingly unlikely that they are as
a group.  The balance of probabilities, therefore, would be that it reflects
a common inheritance, from the late Neolithic or the Copper Age.

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