PIE words for sexual organs

JoatSimeon at aol.com JoatSimeon at aol.com
Sat Dec 18 07:59:56 UTC 1999

>michael_nick at mail.ru writes:

>I was told that Walter Wuest had an article on IE words denoting sexual
>organs, but i couldn't find. Could anyone give a reference? I myself have
>not infrequently been puzzled, that all three PIE words, which can be
>reconstructed for 'vulva', have at the same time the meaning 'buttocks,
>anus' (namely, *putos, *ksutos and *pisdeH2). Any suggestions? [  :-)  ].

-- it's probably taboo replacement at work, with words that originally meant
something like "down there" becoming too specific and being replaced in their

Eg., *pisdeH2 can be derived from *(h1e)pi- + s(e)d = "what one sits on".

So you get a semantic progression from "what you sit on" ==> "ass" ==> "piece
of ass" (cf. English slang!) ==> vulva/women's genitals.

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