Anglo-Saxon conquest

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Thu Feb 4 00:14:32 UTC 1999

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Rick Mc Callister wrote:

> 	The Angles, Saxons et al. arrived by c. 400. For the first 100
> years or so, the Angles & Saxons were pretty much bottled up in the SE
> [south of the Humber].  The real body blow was when they took Chester,
> which I think was around 600. The NE fell pretty soon after that. But even
> then, it would take a couple of hundred more years to take the NW & SW.

> 	Someone who has more precise dates [and facts] can fill us in.

> 	The point is that by the time the Angles & Saxons moved out of the
> SE, the local population had presumibly been acculturated by the Angles &
> Saxons and perhaps had even stopped speaking Briton. My guess is that
> pretty much the same thing, although probably to a lesser degree, would
> have happened when the Anglo-Saxons expanded from Mercia & Wessex. Many of
> the "Anglo-Saxons" who moved into these areas were likely accultured
> Britons looking for a better life.

	Yes.  I agree mainly in order to draw attention to what has been
written here so that I do not have to re-write it myself.  A good source
for such heresy is Higham (various), who unfortunately, being a pure
historian, labors under the delusion that there is no evidence of Celtic
influence in English, having had to take the linguists' word for it.  The
problem is that the linguists are wrong ..


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