Theo Vennemann tvn at
Tue Feb 9 10:39:11 UTC 1999

manaster at asks RE Gk. pe'lekus, Skt. paras'u'-
(root family p-l-K- 'to split, to divide', which is pretty
close to what you do with a battle-axe):

>But (a) this is not PIE and (b) is it really Semitic?
>Is not a foreign word in Semitic itself?

Semitologists will have to answer that question. My
impression is that if it is a loanword in Semitic, it would
most likely be a Semitic loanword, and thus again a

The root family is well established in Semitic, and the
(two-consonant) root itself in Afro-Asiatic.

Theo Vennemann,
9 February 1999.

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