IE-Semitic connections

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Fri Feb 5 22:33:02 UTC 1999

Basque <z> is /s/, so the idea that it may have come from Romance *septe >
*sepce, *sepci; *sepse, *sepsi and then metathesized to /saspi/ sounds
sounds interesting. The problem is that [afaik] none of those forms are
documented in Ibero-Romance --I don't know about S. Gallo-Romance. There is
also the question of whether open /E/ would go to /a/ in Basque. Larry
Trask would know that.

At 12:09 AM +0100 2/4/99, Theo Vennemann wrote:

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>I carefully put "Basque" in parentheses. I should not have mentioned it at
>all. (But the zp part is too suggestive ...) The fact remains that Etr.

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