Non-IE roots in Germanic/@, a, e, i, j, o, u

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Sun Feb 21 21:00:25 UTC 1999

Here's the first batch. I know there have to be more out there. I included
Watkin's remarks re words he sees as IE. I didn't go too far into Theo
Vennemann's explanations because his work is accessible. I would appreciate
corrections since I read Theo's German works with a dictionary and may have
missed some things.

@blu "apple" [NC Europe non-IE] > *ap[a]laz [Germanic] > aeppel [OE] > apple,
limited to Germanic [e.g. OHG apful],
Celtic [O Ir uball], Welsh afal;
Italic [Oscan Abella "apple town"];
and Balto-Slavic [O Sl ablûko, OCS jabl'ko, Lith. óbuolas]
of non-IE origin [am, eh]
@bel-n "apple tree" [see Lith. obelìs, OCS jablan', O Ir aball, Welsh
afall] [eh]

adhra "waterway, channel" [*pre-Norse],
oe:dre, oedr "channel, artery, vein, fountain, river, cataract" [OE],
Ader "vein" [tv95]

aduso:/n, adusso:/n > adesa [OE] > adze
[?rel. to Basque haitz "stone, rock", aitzur "adze"]
[< ?Vasconic *aDiz < *anitsa < *kanis; aDiz-to "flint knife"]
[mcv3/97--cit. Michelena]

ae:laz > *ela- Aal m., eel "eel" [bc, ecp, jtw, tv84]

aecse [OE] > ax, axe
[< ?Vasconic"; see Basque aizkora "axe, hatchet"] [tv95, tv97]

airo "oar"
[< Finnish/aboriginal non-IE Baltic lang?] [rc]

aithei "mother" [Gothic] [< ?Vasconic"] [tv97]

aliso/eliso > *alisa: [Celtic], *alisa [Gothic] > Erle f., aller > alder;
?aliso [Spanish];
[< Vasconic?, e.g. Basque altza]
[acc. cw < IE *ei- "red, brown"] [g&i, tv1/99]
[?rel to ellen, ellaern [OE] > elder? cw]

al- > al-na > allaz > all, also [cw, rc]

albaz/albiz > aelf [OE] > elf; alfr [ON] > oaf [cw]
[cw relates this to *albho-, source of Latin albus "white"]

alka [ON] > auk [acc. cw < ?*ei- "red, brown"] [cw, rc]

ang-ra-m "pasture, grassland" > Anger "pasture-ground"
[< ?Vasconic"; see Basque angio, angi, angia "meadow";
rel. rejected by Trask] [lt, tv97]

ankle, Enkel < anka "Hinterhaupt, blied" [OHG]; hanka [Germanic] > ?Romance
hancha "hip", >
[< ?Vasconic;
see Basque anka, hanka "foot, lower extremity of animal"] [tv95]

arimanno "warrior" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

arnuz, aro:/n > Aar, earn "eagle" [OE]
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Akk. arû;
but see also Basque arrano] [tv97]

astio, aschio "grudge, hate" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

athal- "race, family" > Adel m. "nobility" > atheling;
> *o:thal > edili > edel "noble"
[?rel. Gk. atallein "to foster"] [cw, jtw]

athnam "year [dat. pl.] [Gothic], annus [Latin]
[< ?Vasconic"] [tv97]

ertho: > eortha [OE] > earth; Erde
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Sem. ?-r-C] [tv95, tv97]

east, Osten m. [bc, jtw]

ebura [pre-Germanic] > Eber, eofor [OE] "boar"
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Akk appâru "wild boar"] [tv97]

ebb, Ebbe f. [bc, jtw]

échanson "cupbearer" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

écrevisse "crayfish" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

Eidam, a*um "son-in-law" [< ?Vasconic"] [tv97]

e:thi: > *a:thi: [N. Germanic] > ae:dhr [ON] > eider
[acc. cw <? *e:ti:?] [cw, rc]

Eisvogel "kingfisher" [OE i:searn "ice eagle"]
[< Vasconic?, rel. to Halcyon?;
< root similar to *iz-arano "water eagle",
*izar-arno "star bird"] [mcv, tv1/99]

émoi "emotion" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

Ente f. "duck" [jtw]

e:wa "law" ["Gesetz"] [OHG] [tv84]

Iltis m. "polecat" [jtw]

Imme [tv84]

*i:sarno [Celtic, Germanic] > iron, Eisen n.
[< ?Vasconic *isar "star";
see Basque izar "star"] [mcv2/98, tv2/98]

i:sa > Eis, ice
[< ?Vasconic", e.g. Basque izoz- "frost, ice"] [tv97]

Jolle f., jolly-boat "dinghy" [jtw]

oak, Eiche
[< ?Vasconic; see Basque agin "evergreen oak"]

o:bjan "holy work" > offering, Opfer; opus "work" [Latin]
[< ? Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Akk. epu:s^u] [tv95]

Urliuge "war" [OHG] [jtw]

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