Non-IE roots in Germanic/b

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Sun Feb 21 21:05:50 UTC 1999

If I've missed any citations, please advise me. I still need to see the the
OED has to say about the English words. Our library doesn't own any German
or other etymological dictionaries, so if anyone wants to help out, I'd
apopreciate it.

baita "hut, cabin" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

bakam "back" > back [rc]

bakke [M Eng] "bat"
[acc. cw < ? *blak- "to strike" (Germanic) < IE *bhlag- "to strike"] [cw]

balcone "balcony" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

balthaz "bold" > bald, beald [OE] > bold, bald; bald [OHG] > bawd
[acc. cw < ?IE *bhol-to < *bhel- "to blow, swell, etc."] [cw]

Bann m. "a decree, a spell", banns, banish, bannir "to banish" [Fr <
Germanic] [jtw, tv84]

baron [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

bazya- > Beere f.; berige, berie [OE] > berry
[acc. cw < ?IE *bha:- "to shine"] [cw, jtw]

beam, Baum "tree" m. [tv84]

bear, Bär m. [bc]

bha-un > *bauno [Germanic > be:an [OE] bean; Bohne f.
[acc. cw < IE *bha-bha "broadbean", root of fava (Latin)] [cw, jtw, tv84]

birch, Birke
[< ?Vasconic; see Basque burkhi, urki] [tv95]

bison, Wisent [from Hutterer] [tv84]

bitten [tv84]

blé "wheat" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

blestre [OF] > blister [tv]
[acc. cw < ?*bhlei- "to blow, swell" < bhel-] [cw]

blood, Blut n. [lt, tv84]

boat, Boot n. [bc]

Bogen m., bow [bc, jtw]

bone, Bein n. [bc, rc]

botm [OE] > "bottom"; bodem [Dutch] > bottomry, [rel to fundus (Latin)]
[acc. cw < ? IE *bhudh-]

braes [OE] > brass [?rel ferrum (Latin)?] [cw]

brák- > "trousers" [Germanic, Celtic] > bróks [Germanic] > bro:c, bre:c
[pl] [OE] > breech,
breeches, breeks;
*bráka [Gaulish] > Latin bráca "trousers" > bracket, brail [cw, rc]

brant [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

bread, Brot n. [jtw]

bregdan "to move jerkily" > "to shimmer" > bregdan "to move quickly, to
weave, braid" > braid
[acc. cw < ?IE *bherek "to shine, glitter" < bhereg- "to shine, bright,
white"] [cw]

brehwo "eyelash, eyelid" > bra: [ON] > brae
[acc. cw < ?IE *bherek "to shine, glitter" < bhereg- "to shine, bright,
white"] [cw]
[?same as IE *bhru- "brow"?]

bre[w]an > brehsmo "to shine" [W. Germanic] > bresme [O Fr] > bream [acc.
cw < ?IE *bherek
"to shine, glitter" < bhereg- "to shine, bright, white"] [cw]

brigdil [W Germanic] > bri:del [OE] > bridle; bri:del "bride" > bride
[acc. cw < ?IE *bherek "to shine, glitter" < bhereg- "to shine, bright,
white"] [cw]

bring, bringen [als]

broad, breit [als, cw, d. p&a]

brudhiz > bride, Braut f. [rc]

brugyo > brycg/e [OE] > bridge [cognates in Celtic & Slavic]
[acc. cw <? IE *bhru- "brow"] [cw]

Brünne, broigne "suit of armor?" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

bukkaz "male goat, deer, etc." > bok [Dutch], boc [OHG] > Bock, buc [OE],
bucca [OE] > buck;
bukkos "male goat" [Celtic; ?source of bukkaz?] > boc "buck" [OFr] > butcher
[acc. cw < ?IE *bhugo-] [cw] [found only in Celtic & Germanic?]

buole "bully" (West Germanic) [rc]

Busk > bush, Busch m. [< IE bheue-?] [cw]

bycgean [OE] > buy; buggian O Sax ; bugyan [Goth.] [tlm]

bygge, byge, bigge [Northumbria c. 1250] > big [tlm]

byggja "to purchase a woman" [O Ice.] [tlm]

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