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m at k-ú > *mag at th > maegethe, m at két, maegden [OE] "girl" > maiden [cw, eh]
m at k-ú > *me at k-ó > *me:kó > *mêkó- > *mégaz > mág "kinsman" [OE] [eh]
m at k-ú > *me at k-ó > *me:kó > *mêkó- > *me:kón- > *megan- > mága "son" [OE] [eh]
m at k-ú- > *m at kw-o- > *makwo "son" [Celtic] > macc [O IR], maqqa [Oghamic],
mapo > mab >
ap [Welsh] [eh]
m at ghu- > *magu "servant" > mug [O Ir], meu-dwy [Welsh] [eh]
maguz "son" > magu [OE], *magwi: > mawi [Gothic] [eh]
CW notes IE *maghu- "youth" [cw]

magge Dutch [?]"(eel)pout," [ecp]

mail- > ma:l "spot, blemish" [OE] > mole
[acc. cw < ?IE *mai-lo- < ?IE *mai "to soil, defile"] [cw]
[?rel. to macula (Latin) < non-IE] [cw]

maisk- > ma:sc, ma:cs, ma:x "mashed malt" [OE] > mash
[acc. cw < ?IE *meik- "to mix"] [cw]

manigoldo "rogue, scoundrel" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

Marder m., marten [jtw]

markos > Mähre "mare, riding horse?", mare [Ger., Celt.]
[< Altaic?] [jtw, mcv]

mast, Mast m. [bc]

meat, Metzger "butcher" [d, p&a]

men-i- "small fish" > myne, mynwe [OE] > meneu [M Eng] > minnow
[acc. cw <? IE men- "small, isolated"] [cw]

mer- "to tie" > marren "to tie" [M Dutch] > marline;
mo:ren "to tie" [MLG] > moor

mere, Meer,
mare [Latin],
muir [Gaelic]
[non-correlation of vowels] [eh]

merg- "boundary, border" > mark- "boundary, border, to mark" [cw]
mearc [OE] > mark [cw]
mark "border" [M Dutch] > margrave [cw]
marc "border country" [OF] > march, marquis, marche [Fr < Germanic], marca
[Med. Latin] >
marchioness [cw, tv84]
marcare [It < Germanic] > to mark out [cw]
marc [OE], marke [MHG], mark [Swedish] > mark, Mark, merk, markka [money] [cw]
markya- "mark. border" > merki [ON] "mark" > marque [OF] > remark [cw]
mark:on [Frankish] > march[i]er "to trample" [OF] > marc, march [cw]
margo: "border, edge" [Latin] > margin [cw]
[?rel. to ?Etruscan? merk- "trade, commerce, etc."?

me:no:n > moon, Mond;
me:no:th > month, Monat
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Akk imnu: "to count";
see IE *me: "knife"] [tv97]

mete, messen "to measure]
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic"] [tv97]

Moos, mousse "foam" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]
moraine, Moräne "moraine",
Mur[e] "pile of rocks [Bavarian]
[?< Vasconic;
see Basque murru "hill"] [tv97]

Möwe f. "gull" [jtw]

munthaz [Germanic] > munths [Gothic];
mu:th [OE] > mouth
[acc. cw < W IE *mn-to- < IE men- "projecting body part",
root of mo:ns (Latin)] [am, cw]

muspilli mythological hot southern land [sg]

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