Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Sun Feb 21 21:20:19 UTC 1999

tak "to take" > taka [ON] > take [cw, rc]

Takel n., tackle [jtw]

talgaz > Talg m., talow [OE] > tallow
[acc. cw < ? *IE *del- "to drip"] [cw, jtw, tv84]

tap- "plug" > tap, Zapfen m. [cw,rc]

tasca [It < Germanic], Tasche "pocket" [tv84]

thousand, tausend [from Bach 1970] [tv84]

taw- "to make" > heriot, taw, tow, tool [cw, rc]

thing (assembly), Ding n. "a case before a court of law" [bc, jtw]

thur-p'a > thorp, dorf
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Sem d-u-r "circle";
see Latin tur-b-a "mob",
Gk túrbe: "loud, confusion",
thwerila > "twirl"] [tv84, tv95]

tiber [OE] "offering, sacrifice",
[Unge]ziefer "vermin"
[< ?Afro-Asiatic "Atlantic";
see Akk zi:bu "offering'] [tv95, tv97]

tide, Zeit "time" [tv84]

titta > "teat" [rc]

tovaglia "tablecloth" [It < Germanic] [tv84]

Tran [jtw] [seafaring and fishing term]

truce, tregua [Sp < Germanic], trève [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

troop, troupeau "Herde" [Fr < Germanic] [tv84]

twik- "pinch off" > ?twig, Zweig m.?, tweak, twitch [cw, rc]

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