IE and Etruscan

JoatSimeon at JoatSimeon at
Thu Feb 25 05:52:36 UTC 1999

>ERobert52 at writes:

>The point I was making was that the belief that Etruscan was spoken somewhere
>around Greece or western Anatolia prior to 1200BC is not an unreasonable one.
>If I remember rightly the original theme of this thread was not about genetic
>links but whether Etruscan borrowing from Semitic was possible, and the
>answer to that is clearly yes. >>

-- well, the Aegean and western Anatolia in 1200 BCE weren't Semitic speaking
either.  Closer to the Levant than Italy, but that's all you can say.

If Etruscan had been spoken in those areas, the language(s) it would be likely
to be in contact with and acquire vocabulary from would be Anatolian (Hittite
and Luwian) and Mycenaean Greek.

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