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Hello all, It's me Glen!

>I believe there were only four laryngeals, /?,h,$,H/, which affected
>vowel quality neutrally [...] The arguments to support this thesis are
>the correspondences with laryngals and pharyngals we see in AA for the
>identification of the IE "laryngeal" but one must go beyond Nostratic
>to determine the actual vowel quality.

For anyone that still confuse Patrick and I (it has been done on the
Nostratic list), this is the point of seperation. Aside from Proto-World
which I've never succumb to because I find the theory practically
intractable at this point in time (and perhaps millenia to come), there
is also the fact that I now fully accept laryngeals including their
vowel-coloring. When involving IE, I prefer to concentrate on data
WITHIN IE over data external to it anyday. In the end, I'm really not an
extremist at all as Alexis and others would have me out to be.

>[ Moderator's response:
>    Sorry, the laryngeal theory as it has developed in mainstream
>    Indo-European linguistics explains far too much to be thrown out
>    like this.
>    --rma ]

Yep, he's right. I've tried harder than anyone. :)

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