IE creole?

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Sat Feb 27 14:07:52 UTC 1999

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999 manaster at wrote:

> I agree with Jens, of course.  And would just add this:
> it is a really bad habit to use terms like 'creole' loosely.
> IE could perhaps be a "creole" in the same sense that
> English or Polish are "creoles", i.e., languages with
> some elements from source X and some from source Y,
> but then every language would be a "creole".

	Well, since English has been seriously called a Francophone creole
(a very nutty notion), it would seem that permitting such liberal use
of the word tends to lead to bad results.  Not that I am objecting to what
AMR says, but when people start calling English a creole, watch out ...


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