<Language> Re: Caucasus and Kaska

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Wed Jan 27 15:55:23 UTC 1999

	Cavalli-Sforza postulated that a people with genetical features
similar to the "Bushmen" lived in the Horn of Africa. He was unsure whether
they were a mixed group resulting from intermarriage between Asians and
Africans or whether they actually were a separate group stretching from
Ethipia to South Africa.

	As far as is known, the "San" have always been in southern Africa.
There are groups who postulated as relatives of the "San" who were pushed
from Kenya to the South.

	The term San, I believe, is considered objectional in that it's
based on a term meaning "wretch" or something similar.

>1. The SAn lived in North-East AFrica and were pushed south by Bantu
>speakers (West Africans)

	These arguments over color sound like 19th century romanticist

>2. The SAn are not "black" but "yellow" (reddish?, copper-colored after
>3. Egyptians painted themselves red (not black and not white)

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